Our Work

Hammond Island Water Reticulation


Torres Strait Island Regional Council

February – April 2020

AU$1.5 million

Pensar was engaged to upgrade critical and heavily dilapidated water infrastructure on Hammond Island in the Torres Strait – negotiating a remote site with limited access and resources, cyclonic conditions and pandemic travel restrictions.

  • Labour and materials were locally procured wherever possible.
  • Training and equipment were provided to enable local servicing and maintenance.
  • Upgraded polyethylene pipeline construction ensures long-term durability, serviceability and water saving.
  • Specialised materials and equipment were procured in advance and shipped via Cairns.
  • Monitoring, sampling and testing were conducted remotely to comply with all project and client requirements.
  • Waste and excess materials were removed from the island and recycled, minimising impact on the local environment.
  • Careful consultation with local elders and cultural engagement officers ensured cultural heritage safeguards were maintained.
  • A strong rapport with the local community built rewarding and lasting friendships.
  • The project was completed six weeks ahead of schedule.

“I highly commend the Pensar team for their hard work throughout the Hammond Island water reticulation project. Their ‘out of the box’ problem solving negotiated a cyclone and a pandemic to ensure the success of the project. The site team were always welcoming and supportive of the local community. The project has been a great success for TSIRC and I welcome the opportunity to work alongside Pensar again.”

David Stevens
Senior Project Engineer
Torres Strait Island Regional Council