About P2 Infrastructure

P2 Infrastructure is a partnership between the Palladium and Pensar Infrastructure – two companies with Australian origins, strong connections to the Asia-Pacific Region, and longstanding traditions of collaboration and creating positive impact.

P2 presents a unique combination of skills and the capacity to deliver critical community infrastructure throughout the Asia-Pacific.

Our key people are leading experts in their fields who bring extensive experience in creating infrastructure that is fit for purpose and delivers enduring benefits for our clients and their communities.

P2 is building positive impact in health, water, sanitation, transport, education, energy, telecommunication, and national security.


P2 is an innovative leader in the delivery of critical infrastructure that builds positive change for all stakeholders.


P2 partners with government departments, non-government organisations, private enterprise and local communities to deliver innovative solutions to critical infrastructure projects in challenging and remote locations.

AIFFP Head Contractor Panel

P2 is a member of the head contractor panel of the Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific (AIFFP).

Selection criteria emphasise the AIFFP values – quality, gender equality and social inclusion, use and upskilling of local labour, and private sector, being responsive to the needs of partner governments, climate and disaster resilience, and applying appropriate safeguards.

Our People

Our people are highly credentialled to deliver international development and construction works. Our teams comprise a range of skill sets required to complete the bespoke requirements of a project with a particular edge in upskilling and employing from the local communities we work in.