Project Description

Our People

Jay Jameson

Senior Manager, Infrastructure – Palladium

Jay brings extensive experience in delivering infrastructure projects for the Pacific Region, across multiple sectors, including health, education, civic, maritime, commercial and aviation.

Jay has led multidisciplinary teams and managed complex stakeholder groups in ensuring local communities are well considered and thoroughly engaged throughout the development of infrastructure projects.

As an infrastructure specialist with Pacific Island heritage, Jay is passionate about ensuring infrastructure investment in the Pacific Region is well suited to its application and environment, and delivers enduring benefits. He appreciates the critical social, cultural and environmental considerations involved.

Having worked with clients including DFAT, MFAT, World Bank and Asian Development Bank, Jay has developed infrastructure solutions that not only serve local communities, but also maximise local opportunities for learning and participation.

Project experience

  • Vanuatu Australia Policing and Justice Program
    Infrastructure Advisor
  • Vanuatu Social Infrastructure (RAPID)
    Infrastructure Advisor
  • Vanuatu Education Support Program
    Team Leader
  • Vanuatu Infrastructure Recovery Program
    World Bank
    Team Leader
  • Nauru Airport Rehabilitation Project
    Senior Project Manager

“P2 uniquely merges the capabilities of infrastructure consultants and infrastructure implementers. Our multisector experience across the full project lifecycle enables us to deliver solutions that are innovative, cost effective and fit for purpose. Our people deliver complex infrastructure projects in challenging and remote locations throughout the Asia-Pacific. The solutions we deliver respond to the requirements of both international authorities and local communities – making a positive impact and building prosperity.”